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eAccelerator 0961 for PHP 5.3.3
eAccelerator 0961 for PHP 5.2.14
eAccelerator for PHP 4.4.9

thread_cache_size thread_concurrency

The thread cache hit rate can be calculated with Threads_created/Connections. Ideally you want the threads cached to be able to handle all connections. So a stable (zero growth) or low Threads_created status variable is the goal.

A thread_cache_size of zero is the default for my-medium.cnf but the recommended size in my-large.cnf is 8.
Depending on your specific situation, in some case this value can be very high (like 150+).
For an idea of the value needed, check the status variable Max_used_connections. If possible have thread_cache_size equal to the peak Max_used_connections value.
According to my-large.cnf the value for thread_concurrency should follow: number of CPU's*2 for thread_concurrency

My Values:

eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.x (windows builds)

For the Windows eAccelerator for php 5.3+ visit our new page at:eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.3+.

Updated: eAccelerator download using latest code ( with PHP 5.2.9).

Please find following the compiled binaries of eAccelerator for Windows using Microsoft VC++ 6. For PHP 4 versions: eAccelerator binaries for PHP 4.x.
If you need a version not offered here, let us know (post comment).

Setting up PHP as Fast CGI (FCGI) under Apache

1) Download the Apache mod_fcgi module:

2) Configuration in your Apache httpd.conf:
a) LoadModule fcgid_module modules/

b.1) <Directory "C:/Apache2/htdocs/php/">
    SetHandler fcgid-script
    Options execCGI

Serv-U logs analysis with Awstats: Design Document

Update: For a simple and immediate solution see: Using Awstats to analyse Serv-U logs

Using Awstats to monitor Serv-U the FTP Server from Rhino Software.
After investigating this a "bit", it appears we will have to write a process/script/app that will read the Serv-U logs and convert then to a format that Awstats can read. This is not difficult but probably a few days of effort. In this document, I will outline the design. Maybe some kind "angel" programmer will offer to write it. In any case if I get something that works, I will post it here.

Windows 2003 XP search file content does not work...

Most administrators have been doing this for years on Windows 2000. The "search content" behavior changed in 2003 (XP is similar). Basically Microsoft added options be enabling specialized filters to perform the search. For example the HTML filter skips the comments.
To add the plain text filter to files with the .php extension add the following to the registry:

Upgrade Gallery 2.0 to Gallery 2.1.1


This is exactly what I did and went perfectly well.

1) Backup MySQL DB and g2 data directory and current G2 app files.

2) Download full install unzip over existing. Keep the existing config.php in place, this should not be an issue since a new install should not contain one)

3) Disabled the current gallery module from within Drupal

APC binaries for PHP 5.x (windows builds)

Updated: APC download using latest code (3.0.12p2).