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eAccelerator 0961 for PHP 5.3.3
eAccelerator 0961 for PHP 5.2.14
eAccelerator for PHP 4.4.9

eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.x (windows builds)

For the Windows eAccelerator for php 5.3+ visit our new page at:eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.3+.

Updated: eAccelerator download using latest code ( with PHP 5.2.9).

Please find following the compiled binaries of eAccelerator for Windows using Microsoft VC++ 6. For PHP 4 versions: eAccelerator binaries for PHP 4.x.
If you need a version not offered here, let us know (post comment).

Running Apache + PHP + Accelerators under Windows 2003

I have been getting some instability running Apache with PHP + Accelerators under Windows 2003. I will log my finds in this article. Visit regularly for updates. I ended up running 7 Apaches on a Windows 2003 Server to test all different kinds of configurations. Recently because it was becoming complex, I started logging my finds. This page is probably for the hardcore debugging type...

Mitigating factors:
- Most crash seem to happen because of load (with very low traffic you might never experience problems).
- My PHP applications are very demanding. Especially Gallery2 which relies on external libraries for processing images. Again other PHP applications might not experience these problems.
-If you have issues with IIS, these finding might also be applicable.

Setting up PHP as Fast CGI (FCGI) under Apache

1) Download the Apache mod_fcgi module:

2) Configuration in your Apache httpd.conf:
a) LoadModule fcgid_module modules/

b.1) <Directory "C:/Apache2/htdocs/php/">
    SetHandler fcgid-script
    Options execCGI

FrontPage Guestbook, Board, Forms spam

The main raison for people spamming your FrontPage Guestbook, Forum/Board or forms is that the search engine Google, counts every "back link" (i.e. link pointing to these SPAM sites) as a positive vote. So if they can get a link to their site on your Guestbook, Google will interpret this as an "endorsement" of their site and give then additional "importance".

This spamming activity is especially common nowadays since they are thousands of automated scripts looking for FrontPage (or not, they will try to spam anything really...) guestbooks, boards, or forms to post SPAM links.

FrontPage Server Extensions Performance

FP Server Extensions do not perform well with large site or large files. For large sites try to create independent FrontPage "child webs" or "sub webs".

It's very important to trim files created by FrontPage when they grow larger then a few megabytes, sometimes even a few 100s KBytes. For example, a guestbook over 8MB can easily max out the CPU for minutes, at each new guestbook entry.

Example of FrontPage "webbot" that create files:

  • Guestbook
  • Form "Save to" File

This is especially important nowadays since they are thousands of automated scripts looking for these guestbooks and forms to send SPAM information.

Apache Better Log Rotation mod_log_rotate

Important: The Apache provided tool rotatelogs.exe is to buggy to use "for real", see: Apache Rotatelogs.exe for Windows Server

eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.3+ (windows builds) Part 2

For the Windows eAccelerator for php 5.x (pre PHP 5.3) visit :eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.x (pre 5.3).

eAccelerator download using latest code ( with PHP 5.3.3).