FrontPage Server Extensions Performance

FP Server Extensions do not perform well with large site or large files. For large sites try to create independent FrontPage "child webs" or "sub webs".

It's very important to trim files created by FrontPage when they grow larger then a few megabytes, sometimes even a few 100s KBytes. For example, a guestbook over 8MB can easily max out the CPU for minutes, at each new guestbook entry.

Example of FrontPage "webbot" that create files:

  • Guestbook
  • Form "Save to" File

This is especially important nowadays since they are thousands of automated scripts looking for these guestbooks and forms to send SPAM information.

For additional information about Guestbook, Board, Forms spamming see: FrontPage Guestbook, Board, Forms spam

How to find these files...

I've noticed more activity on this front in the past weeks. The robots scanning for FrontPage "discussion groups" or FrontPage guestbooks are on the increase.

Today you have to actively trim your guestbook or forum (daily?). If not, you will very quickly overload the server hosting your site.

One technique I use to find these files is to perform a search for *.htm or *.html files over 1 MB.

Once find, you can:

- Trim the file down (this will only delay the problem until a few weeks or even days)

- Trim and disable additional posting (make file read only)

- Completely remove the guestbook or "discussion group", unfortunately this might be the only option nowadays since more and more robots will automatically scan the web for known FrontPage components.

- You can also add some security feature see: FrontPage Guestbook, Board, Forms spam