APC binaries for PHP 5.x (windows builds)

Updated: APC download using latest code (3.0.12p2).

Please find following the compiled binaries of APC for Windows using Microsoft VC++ 6. For PHP 4 versions see: PHP APC binaries for PHP 4.x.
If you need a version not offered here, let us know (post comment).

APC windows binaries follow the naming conversion: php_apc_VVV_PHPVERSION.dll with:
VVV: the version of APC
PHPVERSION: the version of the targeted PHP

Example php_apc_3012p2_php516.dll is built from APC version 3.0.12p2 targeting the php version 5.1.6.
You can rename your download following the "standard" name: php_apc.dll

Help with installing and configuring APC.

File details, when applicable:
VERSION_Useful_Files.zip contains the readme and the php control panel.

Following you can download the PHP APC binaries for your version of PHP 5.
Please post any positive or negative experience you have using these downloads. Avoid posting bugs related to APC (binary bugs will most likely appear immediately: when loading or first use). Post only issues relating to the apc downloads or requests. Please do not post support issues about APC under this article. You can do so in the PHP Section of the Forums.

What is the deal with PATH_MAX  ?
When compiling APC I receive the message that PATH_MAX is undefined. So I had to set a value.
After a little research it looks like this value is related to the length of paths. Some character encoding might using 2 bytes per character, so we compiled a version with PATH_MAX = 512.
Update: Although the 512 version works fine, it has be suggested that 2048 might be a better value (thanks Steffen!).

3012p2_Useful_Files.zip19.27 KB
PHP APC 3012p2 for PHP 5.1.6 with PATH_MAX to 512116 KB
PHP APC 3012p2 for PHP 5.1.6 with PATH_MAX to 2048116 KB
PHP APC 3012p2 for PHP 5.2.0 with PATH_MAX to 2048 See Note Below 11/8/2006116 KB
PHP APC 3012p2 for PHP 5.2.1 with PATH_MAX to 2048116 KB
PHP APC 3014 for PHP 5.2.1 (1 report of this not working, please give feedback)112 KB
Useful files for APC 3014 (control panel, changelog, install)26.32 KB
PHP APC 3012p2 for PHP 5.2.2 with PATH_MAX to 2048116 KB

Thank you

Was getting this Apache error shown at bottom of my comment when trying to load a php_apc.dll 5.2.5 into a 5.1.x php installation. I tried your binary PHP APC 3012p2 for PHP 5.1.6 with PATH_MAX to 512 and it did the trick; cheers. Thought I would leave the error that Apache was giving me on this page so others can easily research for a solution.

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\\php\\ext\\php_apc.dll' - The specified procedure could not be found.

APC Slows Down PHP

I just put APC 2012p2 for PHP5.2.2 on my PHP5.2.5 Windows 2003 and it actually is slowing it down. For the specific operation I'm doing, PHP by itself is around 107ms, APC is 111ms and eAccelerator is 54ms. Anybody else experiencing this problem? I've used both phpinfo() and the apc utility to make sure it is working and it is. I think it might be a windows problem, because on a linux box the same operation is doing 21ms response times with APC.

APC for PHP 5.2.5


Could anyone compile APC for php 5.2.5?
I really want to try it as an alternative to eaccelerator, since i have been having some issues now and then.


APC for php 5.2.4

Anyone compiled APC for PHP 5.2.4 yet?
I wanna try it as alternative to EA

Just a short update

in the meantime snaps.php.net has a brand new compiled dll of apc (3.0.15-dev), but with the same errors in my CMS as with your 3.0.14.

Thanks for compiling apc

Thanks for compiling apc 3.0.14. With the newer dll the apache service starts without any error, but my CMS (Joomla) isn't working anymore with apc 3.0.14. I got some strange errors. After switching back to apc 3.0.13 all works fine again. I things there are some new bugs in apc 3.0.14, 'cause the first webpage is loaded but I can not load this page again without any error (->php opcode caching problem?).

3.0.14 Thanks for the

3.0.14 Thanks for the feedback.

That could make sense the errors I corrected to compile were pretty "grave".

For example compiling apc_cache.c I was getting the error:
C:\php521\ext\apc\apc_compile.c(1269) : error C2065: 'len' : undeclared identifier

So a looked at the 3.0.12 version and saw the $len was defined and added:
int len;
len = strlen(src->filename);

The 2 other errors were the same in different files:
C:\php521\ext\apc\apc_sma.c(59) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'apc_lck_t'
#define apc_lck_t int
just before the error.

Could someone else could confirm problems with 3.0.14 or not.


Could you please add the

Could you please add the latest apc version 3.0.14 for php 5.2.1? Thx

APC3.0.14 before next week...

Pretty busy this week, will try to compile this version before next week.

Thanks for letting me know...

New Release APC 3014 for PHP 5.2.1

I got a moment today to compile APC 3014 for PHP 521.

Let me know how it goes good or bad. I had to make 3 minor changes for it to compile (used version 3.0.12 to find declaration omissions in 3.0.14....)

PS: Didn't forget to visit my sponsors if you find then interesting...clicks are ridiculously low with u geeks...we are talling L-O-W and this is not like "Deal or No Deal" were low is good... ;-)

APC 3012 for PHP 5.2.1 released.

APC 3012 for PHP 5.2.1 released!


apc for php 5.2.0

Hi Chris,

I am currently running php 5.2.0,and apache 2.2.3 (as compiled from apachelounge.com) on win 2003 standard server (32 bit) with your recently compiled version of APC (PHP APC 3012p2 for PHP 5.2.0 with PATH_MAX to 2048). This has so far worked and not given me any issues. This upgrade was made on a sandbox server. I am going to run it on a more widely used internal server; if any issues arise I'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks again!

- shnazz

apc for php 5.2


I was wondering if you could add apc for php 5.2



Released APC 3.0.12 for PHP 5.2.0

shnazz or anyone that will use this version,

Please let me know if it works.
I got 1 report of APC not working under PHP 5.2.0, but I'm not sure which version he was trying to run.


Ps: That person successfully switch to eAccelerator.

Problem with similar files and virtual hosting

I have this setup on my servers, the problem is that if you are using VirtualHosts under apache and you have various instances of the same software (Joomla for exmaple) APC will present the first precompiled folder to all of your virtualhost servers that have the same application installed. I believe this happens since APC caches the PHP code by their filename and it duplicates if you have the same filename under two folders and virtualhost.

Otherwise APC works great - super fast!