APC binaries for PHP 4.x (windows builds)

Updated: APC download using latest code (3.0.11).

Please find following the compiled binaries of APC for Windows using Microsoft VC++ 6. For PHP 5 versions (following link should be updated soon): PHP APC binaries for PHP 5.x.
If you need a version not offered here, let us know (post comment).

APC windows binaries follow the naming conversion: php_apc_VVV_PHPVERSION.dll with:
VVV: the version of APC
PHPVERSION: the version of the targeted PHP

Example php_apc_3011_php444.dll is built from APC version 3.0.11 targeting the php version 4.4.4.
You can rename your download following the "standard" name: php_apc.dll

Help with installing and configuring APC.

File details, when applicable:
VERSION_Useful_Files.zip contains the readme and the php control panel.

Following you can download the PHP APC binaries for your version of PHP 4.
Please post any positive or negative experience you have using these downloads. Avoid posting bugs related to APC (binary bugs will most likely appear immediately: when loading or first use). Post only issues relating to the apc downloads or requests. Please do not post support issues about APC under this article. You can do so in the PHP Section of the Forums.

What is the deal with PATH_MAX  ?
When compiling APC I receive the message that PATH_MAX is undefined. So I had to set a value.
After a little research it looks like this value is related to the length of paths. Some character encoding might using 2 bytes per character, so we compiled a version with PATH_MAX = 512.
Update: Although the 512 version works fine, it has be suggested that 2048 might be a better value (thanks Steffen!).

3011_Useful_Files.zip19.13 KB
PHP APC 3011 windows binairies for PHP 4.4.4 (with PATH_MAX 512)104 KB
PHP APC 3011 windows binairies for PHP 4.4.4 (with PATH_MAX 2048)104 KB
PHP APC 3011 windows binairies for PHP 4.3.11 (with PATH_MAX 2048)104 KB


Any change for someone to compile the new 3.0.12p2 for php 4.4.4?

I tried ...did not compile

I tried ...it did not compile and did not look ilke it would.

how unfortunate

how unfortunate

APC 3.0.12p2 works much better on windows than previous versions.
I thinks PHP 4.4.4 and APC 3.0.12p2 would be stable on a windows enviroment.

Anyone else could give it a try?

Stability is key (updated 09/27)

Stability is key....I will try when I get a chance to turn on my PC with VC 6.0. I'm really busy this week.

I don't remember specificaly why it did not compile. But I recall it been pretty massive (lots of errors). Maybe this new version requires different version of Visual C ? (different header files ?).

I actually got Apache 2.0.59 PHP 4.4.4 + APC_3011_maxpath_2048 running stable since nearly a week now.

Update: I tried again, here are error messages I receive: