eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.x (windows builds)

For the Windows eAccelerator for php 5.3+ visit our new page at:eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.3+.

Updated: eAccelerator download using latest code ( with PHP 5.2.9).

Please find following the compiled binaries of eAccelerator for Windows using Microsoft VC++ 6. For PHP 4 versions: eAccelerator binaries for PHP 4.x.
If you need a version not offered here, let us know (post comment).

eAccelerator windows binaries follow the naming conversion: eAcceleratorVVV_PHPVERSION.dll with:
VVV: the version of eAccelerator
PHPVERSION: the version of the targeted PHP

Example eAccelerator094_4.4.3.dll is built from eAccelerator version 0.9.4 targeting the php version 4.4.3.
You can rename your download following the "standard" names: eAccelerator.dll eLoader.dll

Help with installing and configuring eAccelerator.

Technical Notes:
If a version of EA compiles directly, with no changes,  you will not see an additional "SiteBuddy" version. If you see a SiteBuddy version it means the original code had to be modified with "known" published solutions to get it to compile. The "SiteBuddy" version will be my custom brew.

File details, when applicable:
VERSION_Useful_File.zip contains the readme and the divers php files (control panel etc...).

Following you can download the eAccelerator binaries for your version of PHP 5.
Please post any positive or negative experience you have using these downloads. Avoid posting bugs related to eAccelerator (binary bugs will most likely appear immediately: when loading or first use). Post only issues relating to the eAccelerator downloads or requests. Please do not post support issues about eAccelerator under this article. You can do so in the eAccelerator Section of the Forums.

eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.1.6120 KB
095_final_useful _files.zip41.97 KB
eAccelerator 0.9.5 Final for PHP 5.1.5120 KB
eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.1.6 Optimized for Size108 KB
eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.2.0120 KB
eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.0.5120 KB
eAccelerator 095 for PHP 5.0.4 (OLDER PHP VERSION)120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.2120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.1120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.2 Built with VC2005 SP1128 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.1.4120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.3120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.0 (OLDER PHP VERSION)120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.4120 KB
eLoader 0951 for PHP 5.2.428 KB
0952_final_useful _files.zip42.27 KB
eLoader 0952 for PHP 5.2.328 KB
eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.3120 KB
eLoader0952_5.2.4.dll28 KB
eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.4120 KB
eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.6120 KB
0953_final_useful _files(nothing new but changelog.txt)42.39 KB
eLoader 0953 for PHP 5.2.528 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.5120 KB
eLoader 0953 for PHP 5.2.628 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.6120 KB
eLoader0953_5.2.7.dll28 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.7120 KB
eLoader0953_5.2.8.dll28 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.8120 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.9120 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.10120 KB
eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.14 Tread Safe (TS)84 KB
eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.14 None Tread Safe (NTS)80 KB


Hi, can you please post a binary version of the recent eaccelorator Release-


New eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.6 and 5.2.5

Hi Guys,

Just release the new version of eA.
Let usually please provide feedback (only if you already know eA pretty well).


PS: The official change logs says:

Changes in this version (from

* Remove an unlock statement that shouldn't be there. This should fix the problems reported in #232 and a lot of related bugs.

Don't load for me :S

Don't load for me :S

After few changes, work

After few changes, work fine...

I don't know why, but the order of plugin seem to be very important when zend is active.


eAccelerator source code is now availeble.
Can there be made new compiles for PHP 5.2.6 and 4.4.8?



Hello wbartels

Hello wbartels,

Unfortunately eA does not compile under php 4.x since

Here is the comment from Bart:
"zend_do_inheritance can't be called with TSRMLS_CC when using php 4, this also means that eAccelerator won't work with threading!"


Thanks the new eAccelerator

Thanks the new eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.6 is working as expected on Apache 2.2.8 and 2.2.9.

5.2.6 not working

I had eAccelerator working great with PHP 5.2.5. I just upgraded to 5.2.6 and tried to get it working and now the extension is not loading. I am using the non thread safe version, is that the problem?


never managed to compile

never managed to compile eAccelerator with the less used none thread safe...

Need php 5.2.6 version

Please can you compile it ?


eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.6...

Hi All,

Just released the version for PHP 5.2.6.

Please provide feedback (if you are already experience with running eAccelerator successfully).


I have php 5.2.6 now running

I have php 5.2.6 now running for two days with eAccelerator without any problem.
My setup: Apache 2.2.8, PHP 5.2.6 (php5apache2_2.dll) and eAccelerator on a Windows machine.

works fine on Windows 2003

My installation: Windows 2003 Server, Apache 2.2.8, PHP 5.2.6 ts and eAccelerator
Works fine, thanks for build!

It just work fine for

It just work fine for me
Thanks again

Thanks Bagu for the

Thanks Bagu for the feedback...

Anybody out there?

Has anybody compiled EAC for the new PHP version yet? I'd like to update to 5.2.5 ASAP, and EAC is the only thing holding me back. :-(

Thanks for the help.

eAccelerator 0952 for php 525 released...

Sorry for the delay guys,

Should available now.
Can the first experienced user post back if works and not?



I've downloaded

eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.5
eLoader 0952 for PHP 5.2.5

and 0952_final_useful _files.zip

I tried to encode a file with encoder.php and the
file was encoded, but when I open it in browser
I get this message:

Fatal error: Invalid opcode 40/1/8. in C:\..\eaccelerator\prova_en.php on line 2

I think Apache is well configured, cause it doesn't show any error

My conf is Apache/2.2.6 (Win32) PHP/5.2.5 and from my php.ini:

;eaccelerator.shm_size = "0"
eaccelerator.cache_dir = "C:\Web_Pg\tmp"
eaccelerator.enable = "1"
eaccelerator.optimizer = "1"
eaccelerator.debug = "0"
;eaccelerator.check_mtime = "1"
;eaccelerator.filter = ""
;eaccelerator.shm_max = "0"
;eaccelerator.shm_ttl = "0"
;eaccelerator.shm_prune_period = "0"
;eaccelerator.shm_only = "0"
;eaccelerator.compress = "1"
;eaccelerator.compress_level = "9"
eaccelerator.keys = "shm_and_disk"
eaccelerator.sessions = "shm_and_disk"
eaccelerator.content = "shm_and_disk"
;eaccelerator.admin.name =
;eaccelerator.admin.password =

Does anyone have any ideas?

I got the same problem with

I got the same problem with you, it doesn't work or ???

Works great!


Looks like this version is running great on my dev box. I'll be upgrading my live website with it very soon.

Thanks as always!

Thanks smithrn...

Thanks for the quick feedback!

Work fine and really fastest

Work fine and really fastest than every other version i use before

PHP 5.2.5

PHP 5.2.5

PHP version 5.2.5 is out.
The speed has improved since PHP 5.2.4.

Chris can you make a new compile of eAccerlerator for PHP 5.2.5?



Thanks wbartels...

Thanks wbartels for the heads up on speed improvements!

PHP 5.2.5 speed

The new compile for PHP 5.2.5 is working well.
Also the speed with eAccelerator has improved and is now the same as PHP 5.2.3 with eAccelerator.

EA 9.5.2 with fastCGI

I'm testting PHP 5.2.4 with the last built of fastCGI (so in fastCGI mode) on IIS6 and EA 9.5.2.
With the non thread safe build of PHP 5.2.4, the EA dll do not work.
PHP Startup : unable to load eaccelerator.dll

Any thing to do ?


Hi Philippe,The EA

Hi Philippe,

EA is currently running on many servers withourt any issue.

Using a tool like FileMon (File Monitor) try to see is all is good at the file system level (file location + access permissions):
File Monitor.

If all is good at the file system level try to run directly PHP with EA (no fastcgi).

Note: Since PHP 5.2.2 (if I recall correctly) the stack PHP 5.x + EA 0.9.5.X has been very stable. In order waords FastCGI might not be needed for now...


PS: Also check your eventviewer, sometimes the error messages are more detailed.

non-thread safe PHP - php5ts.dll

Dear Chris ..

The problem is that EA is compiled/linked against the thread safe version of php. Hence it requires the php5ts.dll file which is not available with the non-thread safe version of php. The file is called php5.dll in the non-thread safe php version. Typically the non-thread safe version of php is used in conjunction with FastCGI.
If you have the chance it would be great if you can offer the binaries for the non-thread safe version of php as well. However I'm not sure if caching offers much performance benefits with a FastCGI/non-thread safe PHP setup. But I'm be willing to test it and provide some feedback.

Thank you.
Best Regards,

Hi Mat,Here is what a

Hi Mat,

Here is what a posted about this a few months ago:
"I get linking errors do you know if it needs additional libraries.
Sample of error:

Creating library Release/eAccelerator.lib and object Release/eAccelerator.exp
cache.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__tsrm_mutex_unlock
Release/eAccelerator.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 13 unresolved externals
Error executing link.exe."


The best is probably to use the TS version.