eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.x (windows builds)

For the Windows eAccelerator for php 5.3+ visit our new page at:eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.3+.

Updated: eAccelerator download using latest code ( with PHP 5.2.9).

Please find following the compiled binaries of eAccelerator for Windows using Microsoft VC++ 6. For PHP 4 versions: eAccelerator binaries for PHP 4.x.
If you need a version not offered here, let us know (post comment).

eAccelerator windows binaries follow the naming conversion: eAcceleratorVVV_PHPVERSION.dll with:
VVV: the version of eAccelerator
PHPVERSION: the version of the targeted PHP

Example eAccelerator094_4.4.3.dll is built from eAccelerator version 0.9.4 targeting the php version 4.4.3.
You can rename your download following the "standard" names: eAccelerator.dll eLoader.dll

Help with installing and configuring eAccelerator.

Technical Notes:
If a version of EA compiles directly, with no changes,  you will not see an additional "SiteBuddy" version. If you see a SiteBuddy version it means the original code had to be modified with "known" published solutions to get it to compile. The "SiteBuddy" version will be my custom brew.

File details, when applicable:
VERSION_Useful_File.zip contains the readme and the divers php files (control panel etc...).

Following you can download the eAccelerator binaries for your version of PHP 5.
Please post any positive or negative experience you have using these downloads. Avoid posting bugs related to eAccelerator (binary bugs will most likely appear immediately: when loading or first use). Post only issues relating to the eAccelerator downloads or requests. Please do not post support issues about eAccelerator under this article. You can do so in the eAccelerator Section of the Forums.

eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.1.6120 KB
095_final_useful _files.zip41.97 KB
eAccelerator 0.9.5 Final for PHP 5.1.5120 KB
eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.1.6 Optimized for Size108 KB
eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.2.0120 KB
eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.0.5120 KB
eAccelerator 095 for PHP 5.0.4 (OLDER PHP VERSION)120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.2120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.1120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.2 Built with VC2005 SP1128 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.1.4120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.3120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.0 (OLDER PHP VERSION)120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.4120 KB
eLoader 0951 for PHP 5.2.428 KB
0952_final_useful _files.zip42.27 KB
eLoader 0952 for PHP 5.2.328 KB
eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.3120 KB
eLoader0952_5.2.4.dll28 KB
eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.4120 KB
eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.6120 KB
0953_final_useful _files(nothing new but changelog.txt)42.39 KB
eLoader 0953 for PHP 5.2.528 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.5120 KB
eLoader 0953 for PHP 5.2.628 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.6120 KB
eLoader0953_5.2.7.dll28 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.7120 KB
eLoader0953_5.2.8.dll28 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.8120 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.9120 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.10120 KB
eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.14 Tread Safe (TS)84 KB
eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.14 None Tread Safe (NTS)80 KB

Is it possible to have a

Is it possible to have a version compiled for php 5.0.4? I tried the one for 5.0.5, but it didnt work.


Hi Chris,
thanks a lot. This version worked fine for me.


is 0.95 build for php 5.2.1 wrong?

I get the following error when I include the 0.95 build for php 5.2.1:

This build of "eAccelerator" was compiled for PHP version 5.2.0. Rebuild it for your PHP version (5.2.1) or download precompiled binaries.

Was this built incorrectly?

Under cygwin I did a 'strings' on the binary i downloaded and found only references to 5.2.0.


EA 5.2.1 version need feedback...

Any else can confirm EA working or not under PHP 5.2.1 ?

Conrad: Did you try both EA versions ?


PS: Not running PHP 521 myself yet...

EA 5.2.1

Hi Chris,
I got the same error as Conrad. EA does not work with PHP 5.2.1. But I hope you can fix that.

EA 095 for PHP 5.2.1

Use the version eAccelerator 095_i284 for PHP 5.2.1
That version is eAccelerator 0.9.5 with the fix for bug i284 (see Richard comment ).

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Short tags in control.php

Hi, managed to get this working with PHP 5.1.6 in WinXP SP2 within minutes - thanks for providing the necessary binary, it is much appreciated :)

Just a quick heads up on the control.php script: some non-critical links (table headers) use the short php tag rather than the correct long (?php) one. As a result, servers set up with multiple scripting languages will not serve this script entirely correctly (which is why it is a PEAR convention to use the long tag).

Edit before posting: it looks like this is known about!

Latest SVN Version

I was wondering if we could get a PHP 5.2.1 dll version based on the latest snapshot? There is a bug with MediaWiki that they fixed a few days ago in snapshot 294. It prevents you from logging in. Here is the bug:



ea note...

Windows support is broken since snapshot 299.

Notes from Bart:
Kick out the old filter implementation and use one based on fnmatch, this
breaks windows support. The plan is to include a bsd licensed fnmatch
implementation when a platform doesn't provide fnmatch. (read: when windows is
being used). Until some steps up to do this or we run into a machine with
windows and VC windows support wil be b0rked.

So Bart needs someone with public access (VNC/telnet?) to a VC Windows machine or someone to get a windows compatible fnmatch.h(?). If you got a PC under Windows you can make available to the maintainer of eAccelerator, please contact Bart.

My baby daughter was born 2 days ago, so I will probably not be able to help much besides compiling a few Windows versions.

Details at: http://www.eaccelerator.net/changeset/299

If someone can help me get my hands on svn298 I will try to compile that version.

PHP 5.2.1 Non Thread Safe Version

Can't get the eAccelerator 0.9.5 binary for php 5.2.1 (or any other version for that matter) working with the non thread safe version of php 5.2.1 downloaded from php.net.

Any ideas why ?


James: PHP 5.2.1 Non Thread Safe Version

James that version compiles against php5.lib (versus php5ts.lib)?
Any idea where I can get that librairy ?



Hi Chris,

The php5.lib can be found inside the "dev" folder located inside the archive "php-5.2.1-nts-Win32.zip" downloaded from php.net.

Hope it helps.


EA 095 NTS version

Thanks James.

I get linking errors do you know if it needs additional libraries.
Sample of error:

Creating library Release/eAccelerator.lib and object Release/eAccelerator.exp
cache.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__tsrm_mutex_unlock
Release/eAccelerator.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 13 unresolved externals
Error executing link.exe.



Everything work fine with the i284 version...

I don't have any problem now with creation of image by gd lib.

PHP 5.2.1 is

PHP 5.2.1 is released

eAccelerator support?

Thanks for your work.

EA 950 for php 521 released

eAccelerator 0.9.5 for PHP 5.2.1 is released!


eAccelerator with PHP 5.0.5

I need to use the PHP 5.0 branch on my Windows box because I develop an application which runs on Debian with this version. Would compile eAccelerator with this branch for me (and others) please? :-)

I suppose that the only version which is needed is the latest 5.0.5 and you don't have to compile it more times because 5.0 branch have been closed.

Thanks in advance,

Why not upgrade to PHP 5.1.x or 5.2.x ?

Just to understand before I compile a new version.
Why not upgrade to a later version 5.1.x or 5.2.x ?


eAccelerator with PHP 5.0.5

Hi Chris,
maybe it wasn't clear from my previous post :-)

We have a production server with Debian and PHP 5.0.x on it. My boss doesn't want to upgrade on that Debian to 5.1.x or 5.2.x and therefore I should use PHP 5.0.x as well on Windows.

Of course, you can say - you can run PHP 5.0.x on that Debian machine and PHP 5.1.x or 5.2.x on your Windows machine. But as you know, PHP is not so good piece of software. There are many differencies in each release (example: 5.1.1 - 5.1.2) and many more differencies in each minor version (example: 5.0 -> 5.1).

That's the reason why I would like to have the same version of PHP on my Windows box as we have on our production machine.

Back to your question: Why not upgrade to a later version 5.1.x or 5.2.x ?

Answer: Because of Debian. ;-)

Anyway - if you will not compile it, nothing wrong will happen.


ea for php 5.0.5

Hi Michal,

I compiled a version of eAccelerator for php 5.0.5.

Send your boss the link to by donate link ;-)

Happy holidays,

I don't know why...But it

I don't know why...But it seem there is some problems with
Ea 0.9.5 + PHP 5.2.0 + GD (include in wamp)

Some gd function make apache (or php) bugging...(stop responding)

How this could be corrected ?

This will probably solve...

This will probably solve instability issues:
Setting up PHP as Fast CGI (FCGI) under Apache

I use EA 0.9.5 + Apache 2.2 + PHP 5.2 + GD with no problems so far with the FCGI technique.

Happy Holidays!


i have try your solution but

i have try your solution but eaccelerator still crash :

[18-Dec-2006 12:40:26] PHP Fatal error: Cannot access protected property Graph::$background in E:\www\ogspy\html\library\artichow\php5\Image.class.php on line 124

* Build the image
public function __construct() {

$this->background = new awColor(255, 255, 255);
$this->shadow = new awShadow(awShadow::RIGHT_BOTTOM);
$this->border = new awBorder;


So, when eaccelerator is enable, no image can be shown...

Other thing, before php 5.2.0, i can put eaccelerator running with this line :

But now, i can't...Strange, no ?

I have the same problem...

I have the same problem... i've checked on eAccelerator wiki and found this.

This bug is fixed in svn for a while. There is an other ticket that explains what happened. I forgot a piece of the php 5.2 patch when I backported it to the 0.9.5 branch. I don't have the time to do a release right now. Apply this patch to fix the problem: http://www.eaccelerator.net/changeset/284?format=diff

Don't know if Chris can apply the patch and recompile eAccelerator to give us an opportunity... otherwise we all will have to wait until eAccelerator 0.9.6 release.

Thank's Chris for your great work

Richard...eA with issue #284 done!

I released a version of eA 095 with this fix applied. This version is called 095_i284 (i like issue and 284 is the number of the issue).


Thank's for your dedication and time Chris, great job!!

Can you teach me how to

Can you teach me how to build eAccelerator binaries for windows?

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback Bagu.

ileadu sorry, I don't really have the time.
Basically you need a compiler (I use VC 6). Sometimes it goes well (like lately), sometimes you have to tweak to make it compile.

For the computer hardware DIYers, I got my wifes PC built and working on mine (installing Vista Ultimate as we speak). These computers are beauties. I recommend the parts I described here: "How I saved $1800 by building my own computer!"

Works Great

095 build for php 5.2.0 working great on my windows box & IPB installation - thanks for sharing :)

PHP 5.2 is out...

Please, can you compile 0.9.5 final and CVS 282 for PHP 5.2 ? Thanks in advance....