eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.x (windows builds)

For the Windows eAccelerator for php 5.3+ visit our new page at:eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.3+.

Updated: eAccelerator download using latest code ( with PHP 5.2.9).

Please find following the compiled binaries of eAccelerator for Windows using Microsoft VC++ 6. For PHP 4 versions: eAccelerator binaries for PHP 4.x.
If you need a version not offered here, let us know (post comment).

eAccelerator windows binaries follow the naming conversion: eAcceleratorVVV_PHPVERSION.dll with:
VVV: the version of eAccelerator
PHPVERSION: the version of the targeted PHP

Example eAccelerator094_4.4.3.dll is built from eAccelerator version 0.9.4 targeting the php version 4.4.3.
You can rename your download following the "standard" names: eAccelerator.dll eLoader.dll

Help with installing and configuring eAccelerator.

Technical Notes:
If a version of EA compiles directly, with no changes,  you will not see an additional "SiteBuddy" version. If you see a SiteBuddy version it means the original code had to be modified with "known" published solutions to get it to compile. The "SiteBuddy" version will be my custom brew.

File details, when applicable:
VERSION_Useful_File.zip contains the readme and the divers php files (control panel etc...).

Following you can download the eAccelerator binaries for your version of PHP 5.
Please post any positive or negative experience you have using these downloads. Avoid posting bugs related to eAccelerator (binary bugs will most likely appear immediately: when loading or first use). Post only issues relating to the eAccelerator downloads or requests. Please do not post support issues about eAccelerator under this article. You can do so in the eAccelerator Section of the Forums.

eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.1.6120 KB
095_final_useful _files.zip41.97 KB
eAccelerator 0.9.5 Final for PHP 5.1.5120 KB
eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.1.6 Optimized for Size108 KB
eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.2.0120 KB
eAccelerator 095 Final for PHP 5.0.5120 KB
eAccelerator 095 for PHP 5.0.4 (OLDER PHP VERSION)120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.2120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.1120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.2 Built with VC2005 SP1128 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.1.4120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.3120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.0 (OLDER PHP VERSION)120 KB
eAccelerator 0951 for PHP 5.2.4120 KB
eLoader 0951 for PHP 5.2.428 KB
0952_final_useful _files.zip42.27 KB
eLoader 0952 for PHP 5.2.328 KB
eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.3120 KB
eLoader0952_5.2.4.dll28 KB
eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.4120 KB
eAccelerator 0952 for PHP 5.2.6120 KB
0953_final_useful _files(nothing new but changelog.txt)42.39 KB
eLoader 0953 for PHP 5.2.528 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.5120 KB
eLoader 0953 for PHP 5.2.628 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.6120 KB
eLoader0953_5.2.7.dll28 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.7120 KB
eLoader0953_5.2.8.dll28 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.8120 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.9120 KB
eAccelerator 0953 for PHP 5.2.10120 KB
eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.14 Tread Safe (TS)84 KB
eAccelerator for PHP 5.2.14 None Tread Safe (NTS)80 KB

eAccelerator released for PHP 5.2.0

Just released eAccelerator 0.9.5 Final released for PHP 5.2.0.

I'm trying to stay away from compiling each cvs release.
Any serious bug fixed CVS 282 ?

From changelog CVS282:

From changelog CVS282:
* Included the new control center written by Thomas Love. It rocks!
* Make the control panel work with E_ALL.
* FIX for ticket #170 (handling of multi-dim globals by the optimizer)
* Optimize a part of the inode hashing function.
* FIX encoding and decoding of eA and php versions. Only three numbers versions were encoded, this way file cache isn't removed when using svn snapshots or rc releases.
* FIX a bug in the ttl of the cache. see ticket #182

Many thanks for compiling quickly eA 0.95 for PHP 5.2 !!!!

eAccelerator 0.9.5 Final for PHP 5.1.6

Just released ea 095 final for php 5.1.6...

v0.95 binary, does chris add

v0.95 binary, does chris add these configues?

--with-eaccelerator-shared-memory ?
Include eaccelerator shared memory functions. The name is a bit confusing, but this will include the eaccelerator_get, _put, ... functions that allow scripts to store data in the eAccelelerator cache. This options has been enabled by default until version 0.9.5. When enabling this feature on systems where you can't trust all users, like in shared hosting environments, this could really fill up the cache causing all scripts to only exist on disk which isn't good for performance.

--with-eaccelerator-sessions ?
Include the eAccelerator session handler. Only enable this when you want to use the session handler. This feature used to be enabled by default until version 0.9.5, see the previous option for why it was disabled.

--with-eaccelerator-content-caching ?
Include eaccelerator content caching, don't get to fond of the current api. This feature will probably be replaced by a version that is written in PHP, which should transparently replace the current api. Like the previous two settings, this one is also disabled by default since 0.9.5.

The current release of

The current release of eAccelerator 0.9.5 uses all the default value.

Can you add a binary

Can you add a binary compiled with these three options on?

Here is the VC project file

Here is the VC project file entry for the current 095 release:


It looks like all 3 of those options are on by default:

You can also configure these features with php.ini directives.

problem of encoder php script eAccelerator RC1 for PHP 5.1.4

eAccelerator RC1 for PHP 5.1.4 is not good at encodeing some php scripts.

CGI Error

I'm having a problem with eAccelerator.

My server:
Server 2003 + IIS6 + PHP 5.1.4 + MySQL 5.
P4 2.8Ghz + 512mb ram

I added the extention to php.ini restarted IIS.

All looked like it was working.

Then once when I was viewing my phpinfo() and now I've noticed on several other pages. it comes up with "The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers."

After much googleing, there doesn't seem to be any one that has this problem with eAccelerator, but they do with PHP. Weird thing is, if I take out eAccelerator it works fine.

When you refresh the page, it goes back to normal (untill you go to the next page). Anyone have any suggestions on this?

All of my pages contain large amounts of PHP and MySQL.

Please post support issues

Please post support issues in the Forums.

Check your php.ini:
cgi.force_redirect = 0 ;0 Required for IIS; 1 used when running as a cgi under Apache
fastcgi.impersonate = 1 ;For IIS 0 for Apache
cgi.rfc2616_headers = 0

eAccelerator for PHP 5.1.5

Hello, could you plase compile eAccelerator for PHP 5.1.5? Thank you!

I'm out of town right now.

I'm out of town right now. But by next week-end (Ernesto permitting) will try to compile for 5.1.5.

Had a chance...


I didn't see a 5.1.5 binary attached to this article yet. If you've not had a chance to compile it yet, np, but I'm willing to paypal you something for it.


Hi Lyle, Done. Thank you

Hi Lyle,


Thank you very much!



I've been meaning to get back here and thank-you for building eAccelerator DLL for PHP 5.1.5 under Windows. Happy to report it's working great. I'm still game for sending you something over Paypal so if you support that and can email me your address, I'll be happy to do it.

Somewhat off-topic, but in a similar vein, I was hoping to get some assistance compiling phpLibClamAV for Windows PHP 5.1.5. http://trickie.org/code/phplibclamav.php

It looks like a slick setup and a cleaner way to scan viruses using ClamAV than I am now. Do you know of some guides on the net that might help me with this? I'm sure I need VisualStudio or something but I'm much more experienced in the land of Linux than Windows although I've been doing both for some time now. They have the sources there but I don't have a clue where to start as for building it on my platform. I'll keep googling, but if you have any tips I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again!


Hi Lyle,

Hi Lyle,

PayPal link is on the main page "bottom-right" (http://www.sitebuddy.com/).

Some help in a nutshell to compile that extension:
1) Get VC6 or later to actually compile.
2) You need to build a projet file to have VC build your extension. This is the difficult part.
You can find inspiration for this from multiple sources:
2.1) Look at other projects (eAccelerator win32 source project files for example is a good start)
2.1) Look at the "makefile" and other instructions for Linux and try to port to the VC Project File.

You basically have to figure out what header files (*.h) and other library (*.lib *.dll?) your project depends on and add the appropriate paths and librairies to the VC project file.

And like you said "Google" will be your friend in the process... ;-)

Good luck and thanks if you donate!

Thanks Lyle

You're now an offcial buddy ;-)

Compiled eAccelerator 0.9.5 "final" for PHP 5.1.5.
So you're doing some Drupal sites also ?

On a different topic I also compiled a version of eAccelerator and eLoader 0.9.5 for PHP 5.1.6 with the setting optimize for size (the default which is probably better for most is optimize for speed).


There is also PHP 5.1.6 ;-)

There is also PHP 5.1.6 ;-)

eAccelerator PHP 516 released

eAccelerator PHP 516 released

5.1.6 Doesn't Work

Doesn't Work for me. I have loaded it in my php.ini , and it doesnt work.

Besides the occasional "PHP

Besides the occasional "PHP crash" (details http://www.sitebuddy.com/php/eaccelerator_crash_apache_php_crashed_on_opline).
This works fine for me under Apache.

New versions available. For

New versions available. For details about the current PHP 5.1.4 versions see: Current eAccelerator versions RC1 versus CVS  

Windows binaries for PHP 4.X have moved to eaccelerator for php 4.x

Old versions of EA?

[Edit: This use to be asking about an EA compile for 5.1.5 but that has the bug too.]

Where could I find a version of the EA DLL for 5.1.2? There's a show stopping bug for me in >=5.1.4 (http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=37448). I was thinking of going with 5.1.2 and APC, seeing as that is the indicated version on the PECL site for APC, but I can't seem to get APC to work with FastCGI.

Hi!Version 242 has been


Version 242 has been released, maybe it will compile better than the previous version?
Thank you very much for doing this for free..


eAccelerator with CVS 242

eAccelerator with CVS 242 code is out...

Thanks, SiteBuddy is free and it will stay that way. More on SiteBuddy is free.

Thanks Chris, i'll test

Thanks Chris, i'll test cvs242 right now..

Change in control.php

First, thanks to compile eaccelerator for us...

Second i think it will be a good idea to change a small things in control.php for shortopentag=off compatibility.

Thanks again.

(i have done change for my server with success but i can't post it here because of php code ;-) )

Thanks this is a very good tip.


Thanks this is a very good tip.
This could definitly help a few, if you post an entry in the Forums: http://www.sitebuddy.com/forum

Also if you had the time this could also be a "feature request" (nearly a bug since it looks like someone forgot a few "short tags") at: http://eaccelerator.net/

Christophe D.

By the way... CVS 255 is

By the way... CVS 255 is out.....

eAccelerator 255 build is ready.

eAccelerator 255 build is ready.

eLoader was missing from this release. Not sure why ?

Post any feedback at: eAccelerator Forum