EA 0.94 and PHP442

sorry for my english ( i m french), So i have a problem to install eaccelerator.dll, when i put it in the extensions folder, apache doesn't start whithout error other than "apache services can't start".

I try all dll for PHP442 and eaccelerator 0.9.4 .

when i cancel this dll, i have in apache errors.log ( eaccelerator.dll is invalid) but eaccelerator seems to be installed, i see it in phpinfo.php, it is normal ????

Take your time when you visit SiteBuddy...

Sitebuddy is free and tries to generate revenue with a few tasteful ads (generated dynamically on the fly by Google) and a Paypal donate button on the main page (1 so far). The goal is to have SiteBuddy become self sustainable: i.e. be able to pay for it's own hosting (about $500 per year). At this point we are very very far from this goal...

I had to disable post comment without approval ...I'm starting to be a target for "spam" posts by those robots....

I had to disable "post comment without approval" ...I'm starting to be a target for "spam" posts by those robots, advertising poker, viagra etc........

I might soon have to disable "post comment" by Anonymous, on another Drupal site I'm now getting a few a day....


Just found a snipet of Apache configuration that I suspect I might want to use in the future...

It enable you to disable direct linking based on the refer....

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^" local_ref=1

Order Allow,Deny
Allow from env=local_ref

Order Allow,Deny
Allow from env=local_ref

Other good stuff I migth want to look into...

Update Apache 2.2.2 for windows

Looks like finally, we have an official release of Apache 2.2.2 for Windows released by

We will probably try it real soon and share my experience if I find any issue...

Update: Been running 2.2.2 since a few days now on multiples sites/instances with no problem...

SiteBuddy updated to 4.7.0 production version...

I'm also getting to optimizing the loading of the module with Apache. Here is a working draft once I have fully tested I will post an artcle:
Disabled Apache modules I'm testing:

Website updated to Drupal 4.7 RC and views module tip....

Now running Drupal 4.7 RC1.

Recently another Drupal site, I work on, was released from the "Google-sandbox" and is now directly a PR5! Yea baby!

The views module has also some major updates...this module is really powerful. I strongly recommend it. The main guy that maintains it merlinofchaos is very active and does an excellent job.

Here is the only thing when upgrading I realized that my views table were not update to date, make sure your view_view table has these fields.
This will only apply to people that installed the new views module (for 4.7) around January/February 2006. If not create then by hand (I did):

Upgrade to Drupal Beta 6...

B6, fixed a few bugs I was having...
I'm going to try to get the pathauto module going...
Might give Forums another far forums has not been working very well.

Update: Got the pathauto module working. It's pretty cool and powerful. So powerful (i.e. will create many aliases potentially thousands....), my question here, would be about clean up. In other words, what if the target of a URL_alias gets removed...does this module or some other clean up function remove dead URL_aliases ?

I also fixed the forum issues I was having see: update...

Drupal Beta 5 was released a few days ago...I think I will start building the forum/board after the next release of Drupal a probably a month...

I also want to take a closer lot at the minimum set of Apache modules required to run most sites (optimization work) on Windows Server.

Future Improvements of

I will soon be adding the Forums module to
Once the site is stable with the 4.7 released version of Drupal.
Probably within the next month.

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