Drupal: Problem Modules

After much problems with some modules and too much time solving them and logging bug (I'm taking a break with reporting bugs), I decide to log some modules issue here.

update: 2006-05-05
Been having problem getting new Gallery (the one specificaly for Drupal 4.7 and Gallery 2.1.x) to work with clean URL. This worked easy with the older version (i.e 4.6 module worked fine 4.7 using Gallery 2.0.x).
While I'm researching a solution, I will also log some articles I might need went I upgrade one of my sites from Galery 2.0.x to 2.1.x:

1) captcha worked just fine until I installed sitemenu. So the 2 together don't work.
Also the CVS version of captcha seems to be poorly written...