PHP RRDTool extension

Obviously Chris looks like he knows his way around compiling a PHP extension for Windows, but if anyone else can do this as well, it'd be great.

I got a little jealous over Steffen's Apache stats and went off to write my own using PHP and RRDTool for storing the data and graphing. It's a fantastic tool and does the trick but I'm not too happy with the fact I have to execute a program several times to do different things such as storing data or graphing.

I discovered there's a PHP extension available but couldn't hunt down a Windows compile of it, would anyone mind giving it a go?

Those lucky linux people have managed to compile it...

RRDTool PHP Extension v1

Hi daibach,

Did a quick attempt, let me know if that works:


PS: Use MRTG with RRDtool.exe for all servers, great tools!

No luck yet...

Thanks for giving this a go Chris, much appreciated.

Couldn't get it going though, dropped it in my ext directory and added it to my php.ini but a PhpInfo page kept throwing up the following error.

Warning: PHP Startup: Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library) 'rrdtool_sitebud
dy1.dll' in Unknown on line 0

Tried it with PHP 5.2.3 & 5.2.2 with the same error on both. Any ideas?