Xcache a new PHP accelerator ? (updated version 1.0.2)

It looks like the author of Xcache grew frustrated with the current offering of PHP accelerators and decided to build a simple stable PHP accelerator. For example, eAccelerator works perfectly on multiple servers here but on others it crashes multiple times a day. I'm still investigating this: eAccelerator crash

Install instructions:

1) Download the appropriate release for your version of PHP at: XCache (as of this writing the current Win32 version is 1.0.1 RC1).

2) Upload php_xcache.dll to your PHP extension folder

3) Enable the extension in your php.ini:
extension = php_xcache.dll
zend_extension_ts = c:/php/extensions/php_xcache.dll ( zend extension )

4) Set a few configuration directives in php.ini:
xcache.size = 64M (since version 1.0.2)
xcache.size = 64000 ; it appear this value is in Bytes (version 1.0.1RC1)
; uncomment and set to cpu count (cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep -c processor)
xcache.count = 2 (got 2 processor: with 3 my instance of Apache would not boot)
; just a hash hints, you can always store count(items) > slots
;xcache.slots = (default 8k)

; same as aboves but for variable cache (used only when using API)
xcache.var_size = 0M
xcache.var_count = 1
xcache.var_slots = 8K

xcache.readonly_protection = Off

5) Protect the control panel:
xcache.admin.user = "root"
; xcache.admin.pass = "md5 encoded version of $your_password"
xcache.admin.pass = "098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6" ; this value is the equivalent of "test"

If you do not set a user password the control panel is disabled.
You can find the control panel in the source version of Xcache. It in the "Admin" folder. Simply upload that folder to your site (I recommend renaming that folder name).

required for >=php5.1
auto_globals_jit = Off

I'm now evaluating Xcache 1.0.2 on one of my Win32 Apache server (2.0.59 + PHP 5.1.6).

Example site (as of 09/29/2006) running with xcache (pretty fast): http://www.else.fr/

I'm trying this out after

I'm trying this out after eAccelerator kept crashing non-stop when I was using an fopen() to open a website.

So far so good, easy setup, I left most of the settings default though and I'm not using the controler.

Seems blazing fast!

Server: Windows Server 03 Enterprise Edition 64-Bit
Web Server: Apache 2.2
PHP: Version 5.2.6 (how come there is no XCache update?)

I did exactly as described

I did exactly as described (IIS6, php 4.4.2) and restarted IIS, and i got "Service Unavailable" message.

1.0.2 is a re-release

1.0.2 is a re-release version of 1.0.1 for win32 users, which fix issues for win32

same here. It's full of shit

same here. It's full of shit

This author(moo?) is making

This author(moo?) is making a full PHP Accelerator for us to enjoy for free... please be patient with him it's just version 1.0.2.

We are lucky he is taking the time to support Windows....

can u pls try newer version?

can u pls try newer version?

I'm now running xcache 1.0.2

I'm now running xcache 1.0.2 (still waiting for details on the directives):

Will post the response here.

Some more Xcache details...

Response I got fdrom mOo on his sites board:
ChrisD wrote:
> I'm running xcache on Windows 2003 Server.
> 1) On Win32 is "xcache.count" the # physical processor ? What if using
> hyper-threading ?
> example: I have a system with 2 physical processors but 4 "virtual"
> using HT.
1 physical processor with no ht == 1 thread
xcache.count = count(threads) + (1 or 0)
(suggested by make -j)
> 2) Variable caching (xcache.var_size ....) is only used with the API ?
> 3) No description of "xcache.readonly_protection = Off" in sample
> xache.ini. What does it do ?
> $) What are the [xcache.coverager] settings for ?
> Thanks a ton for your great work.
> Christophe D.
> FYI: I cover PHP Accelerators for the Win32 community:
> http://www.sitebuddy.com/php/accelerator_xcache