Drupal Modules

Sitebuddy.com is currently running Drupal 4.7 RC. Drupal modules are key to a fully functional Drupal web site.
Here are some links that can help find the latest modules, before they actually make it to the official "download modules page":

Drupal: Modules

I strongly recommend these modules:

Views module
This module will give a powerful method to control the way information in presented on your web site. Think of views as "queues/buckets" of nodes/pages. The bonus, with this module, is that it is very well maintained (main developer: merlinofchaos).

Upgrade Gallery 2.0 to Gallery 2.1.1

Reference: http://codex.gallery2.org/index.php/Gallery2:faq#How_to_upgrade_Gallery2.3F

This is exactly what I did and went perfectly well.

1) Backup MySQL DB and g2 data directory and current G2 app files.

2) Download full install unzip over existing. Keep the existing config.php in place, this should not be an issue since a new install should not contain one)

3) Disabled the current gallery module from within Drupal

Module initialization issue: Forum module lack of link/correlation between Forums and Vocabulary

Forum module issue: Lack of link/correlation between Forums and taxonomy/vocabulary:

I was able to determine that my site was not working right, using another install of Drupal. Forums automatically created the appropriate vocabulary and terms.
Also posting to a Terms corresponding to a forum "container" did not give an error message, like it should.
Running Drupal Beta 6 (but been having this problem since Beta 3?). I think, I might have even caused this problem by deleting the Forums vocabulary before understanding what it was (and simply recreating this vocabulary did not full fix the problem).

eAccelerator problem with PHP: Crash under Apache

Once in a while under Apache 2.0.55 or 2.2.2, I would get a crash with a line like the following in the log:
[7508] EACCELERATOR: PHP crashed on opline 48 of preg_replace() at G:\DomZeus\sitebuddycom\wwwroot\modules\search.module:354

This mostly likely an eAccelerator bug (not 100% sure).
Meanwhile here is a solution to try to avoid it. Since in my case the error happens regularly (once a day?) with the file search.module, I decided to tell eAccelerator to stop trying to cache that file with:

APC problem with Gallery 2

Under Apache 2.2.2 and 2.0.55 using APC (3.0.11-dev) I could not delete an image using Gallery2.

My temporary solution is to disable caching of Gallery2 classes in APC with:




The ping module is used to notify other sites that you have new content.
This can be pretty important to tell the world that your site has been updated, so your sites updates can be indexed.

However the default ping.module seems to only ping the service provided by http://pingomatic.com/.
Which in turn is suppose (could be unavailable) to ping others index engines.
I'd like to ping directly whoever I want, so I'm currently research how to do just that.

Gallery module also called Gallery2 module: CleanURLs

Ok so you did every thing right and you still can not get Clean URLs (URL rewrite module) to work with the embed of Gallery2.

Here is what finally worked for me:
1) Got to the "URL Rewrite Administration" within Drupal (embed), this is important as some additional embed specific fields will appear.
2) Go to the "Setup" tab and enter a value for "Htaccess path:" pointing to your Drupal install (ex on Windows:  E:\DomZeus\anciensducairecom\wwwroot), not to your G2 folder!

Changing captcha fonts and font sizes

Update 08_14_2006: To change the number of character in the image from 4 to 6 to 3 to 4. Make the following change inside the file in the textimage.module.

function _textimage_code() {
    $string = drupal_substr($string,0,rand(4,6));  { THIS IS THE LINE TO MODIFY!
    $string = drupal_substr($string,0,rand(3,4));
-------------------------------------------------- Create the directory d:\wwwroot\drupal\fonts and copied the file arialbd.ttf to the new directory (you need the IIS_USER/Or_Apache_Server_User read permissions on this folder). On the "captcha settings" screen in Drupal at 'True Type Fonts Path' set to d:\wwwroot\drupal\fonts

Drupal: Problem Modules

After much problems with some modules and too much time solving them and logging bug (I'm taking a break with reporting bugs), I decide to log some modules issue here.

update: 2006-05-05
Been having problem getting new Gallery (the one specificaly for Drupal 4.7 and Gallery 2.1.x) to work with clean URL. This worked easy with the older version (i.e 4.6 module worked fine 4.7 using Gallery 2.0.x).
While I'm researching a solution, I will also log some articles I might need went I upgrade one of my sites from Galery 2.0.x to 2.1.x:

1) captcha worked just fine until I installed sitemenu. So the 2 together don't work.
Also the CVS version of captcha seems to be poorly written...

PathAuto Module

This module is really cool but I'm a little concerned about it. Long term probably need to have some cleanup tool since this module will end up creating thousands of URL aliases.

This module is moderately maintained see bug queue: http://drupal.org/project/issues/pathauto?categories=bug

Also since I want this module to create clean urls for my vocabulary term feeds, I looks like it also creates then for forums. I don't think forums have feeds ? So these URLs are pretty much redundant.


Drupal: BlockBar module

This article is for Drupal Newbies.
I installed the BlockBar module a few weeks ago. Trying to add it to a new Drupal site, I realized I had to go threw the same learning. This post might help.

Once install you need to modify your template. Looks like templates have a function that defines the "regions".
For the "smarty" engine templates, that function is defined in the file "smarty.engine" and it looks like this:
function smarty_regions() {
return array(
'left' => t('left sidebar'),
'right' => t('right sidebar'),
'content' => t('content'),
'header' => t('header'),
'footer' => t('footer'),

To enable 2 block bars, that PHP function becomes (feel free to change the string blockbar_container_X to what ever you want to display on the "Blocks" page):