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APC binaries for PHP 4.x (windows builds)

Updated: APC download using latest code (3.0.11).

Please find following the compiled binaries of APC for Windows using Microsoft VC++ 6. For PHP 5 versions (following link should be updated soon): PHP APC binaries for PHP 5.x.
If you need a version not offered here, let us know (post comment).

APC binaries for PHP 5.x (windows builds)

Updated: APC download using latest code (3.0.12p2).


We have been using this PHP accelerator (0.9.X), on multiple servers, for a long time. It's used on some high traffic sites without any problem.

a) Download a copy of eAccelerator that is compatible with your version of PHP.
This can be an issue with eAccelerator. Sometimes it can take a little time before the Windows binaries are available for the most recent version of PHP.

eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.3+ (windows builds) Part 2

For the Windows eAccelerator for php 5.x (pre PHP 5.3) visit :eAccelerator binaries for PHP 5.x (pre 5.3).

eAccelerator download using latest code ( with PHP 5.3.3).

Older eAccelerator Releases

Older versions of eAccelerator.

For more current version of eAccelerator for PHP4 or eAccelerator for PHP5

Running Apache + PHP + Accelerators under Windows 2003

I have been getting some instability running Apache with PHP + Accelerators under Windows 2003. I will log my finds in this article. Visit regularly for updates. I ended up running 7 Apaches on a Windows 2003 Server to test all different kinds of configurations. Recently because it was becoming complex, I started logging my finds. This page is probably for the hardcore debugging type...

Mitigating factors:
- Most crash seem to happen because of load (with very low traffic you might never experience problems).
- My PHP applications are very demanding. Especially Gallery2 which relies on external libraries for processing images. Again other PHP applications might not experience these problems.
-If you have issues with IIS, these finding might also be applicable.

Xcache a new PHP accelerator ? (updated version 1.0.2)

It looks like the author of Xcache grew frustrated with the current offering of PHP accelerators and decided to build a simple stable PHP accelerator. For example, eAccelerator works perfectly on multiple servers here but on others it crashes multiple times a day. I'm still investigating this: eAccelerator crash

eAccelerator crash

eAccelerator crash (Updated)

I've created an article to try to track what works and what doesn't: Running Apache + PHP + Accelerators under Windows 2003

After moving a site with some traffic to an Apache 2.2.x server, I have been getting multiple Apache crash per day. Before I was only getting these about once a week. Here is what the error looks like in the Apache error.log:

eAccelerator binaries for PHP 4.x (windows builds)

Update: eAccelerator compiled using latest code (0.9.5 RC1). I also recompiled a new version of 0.9.4 code (trying to resolve: getting multiple Apache 2.2.2 crash, per day, using eAccelerator with PHP 4.4.3).

Please find following the compiled binaries of eAccelerator for Windows

APC problem with Gallery 2

Under Apache 2.2.2 and 2.0.55 using APC (3.0.11-dev) I could not delete an image using Gallery2.

My temporary solution is to disable caching of Gallery2 classes in APC with:



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