Windows Settings

Windows 2003: Data Execution Prevention (DEP) settings

For now this is just a place holder while I investigate some tweaking of Windows 2003.


Windows DNS Server: logs location + detecting "lame" domains

Changing the logs location:
The default location for DNS logs is: %systemroot%\system32\dns\dns.log

To change that locaton modify/create the registry key:

It appears you need to restart the DNS service to have the change take effect.
Note/Bug: The DNS "Logging" tab will still say "%systemroot%\system32\dns\dns.log".

Detecting domains that resolve to your server but your server does have an entry for it anymore:
In the DNS "Logging" tab select the options (might be able to trim this list down):

Windows 2003 XP search file content does not work...

Most administrators have been doing this for years on Windows 2000. The "search content" behavior changed in 2003 (XP is similar). Basically Microsoft added options be enabling specialized filters to perform the search. For example the HTML filter skips the comments.
To add the plain text filter to files with the .php extension add the following to the registry: